chiefs mt rushmore

im sorry but ANY mount Rushmore for the KC Chiefs that DOES NOT include the late great Derrick Thomas is COMPLETELY BOGUS in my humble opinion. I mean seriously in the 90’s the chiefs had some VERY good players such as Barry word, Christian “the Nigerian nightmare ” Okoye, Neil Smith, Nick Lowry, John Alt, Etc. Heck the even had the great Joe Montana for a time. There is absolutely NO QUESTION about the face of that franchise during the 90’s. Hall of famer #58 Derrick Thomas WAS the face of that franchise in the 1990’s. ANY list of all time chiefs greats that ¬†doesn’t include Thomas in the four is seriously suspect in my opinion. I have disagreed ,as had many others, with several of these PFT team rushmores but this one I just cannot understand. Feel free to respond .