So Are They A Saint or Lucifer’s Children……

The past couple of weeks I’ve been privy to a few totally unexplainable events… Almost miraculous events. See several people have passed away.  I know folks who were friends with these unfortunately few. So I’ve had a front seat for these “everyday Miracles” so to speak. Here is how it works…. You have a typical adult human (DOES NOT apply to children)for whatever reason they pass away. At that exact moment not only have they been released from this “mortal shell” but suddenly the way people viewed this individual has been forever altered. If people thought they were a “OK” or “good” person they suddenly turn into former Pope and current saint St. John Paul. If they disliked the individual the opposite is true and they are viewed as Lucifer’s direct evil offspring. Now  for those on the fence about the person they can go either way but at the end of the day it WILL BE  one extreme or the other. I would like to know what it is about death that makes the living think in terms of extremes. I cannot say why but it does happen. You don’t believe me? Next time someone dies go to the funeral and listen to the way the other attendees speak about the deceased.




chiefs mt rushmore

im sorry but ANY mount Rushmore for the KC Chiefs that DOES NOT include the late great Derrick Thomas is COMPLETELY BOGUS in my humble opinion. I mean seriously in the 90’s the chiefs had some VERY good players such as Barry word, Christian “the Nigerian nightmare ” Okoye, Neil Smith, Nick Lowry, John Alt, Etc. Heck the even had the great Joe Montana for a time. There is absolutely NO QUESTION about the face of that franchise during the 90’s. Hall of famer #58 Derrick Thomas WAS the face of that franchise in the 1990’s. ANY list of all time chiefs greats that  doesn’t include Thomas in the four is seriously suspect in my opinion. I have disagreed ,as had many others, with several of these PFT team rushmores but this one I just cannot understand. Feel free to respond .